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Rudraksh Rhythm Ensemble is an experimental "Hyper-Rhythmic Funk" group based out of Cleveland, Ohio.  

Current Members: 

Shaun Sterling - Bass Guitar
Josh Sherman - Tabla


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The RUDRAKSH is a prayer bead necklace commonly worn by Shiva Devotees. It is the round spiky looking seed of a fruit that grows on the Rudraksham tree, and is said to have many healing and other magical powers. The properties of each Rudraksha seed depend on the number of facets or Mukhi.  The most common Rudraksh is Panch-Mukhi, or five-faceted.  The word Rudraksh is Sanskrit for "Tears of Rudra," with Rudra being another name for Shiva.   

We chose this symbol as the name of our group out of reverence and to consecrate our intention to provide more than entertainment, and to remind ourselves of our purpose.  The notes and rhythms that make up our music are our form of humbly offered prayer.  Like the Rudraksh seeds, the various rhythmic and melodic concepts have varying facets or faces (Mukhi) which can be counted by astute listeners, one bead or note at a time on the journey to and from the central Guru Bead. 

We chose the word Rudraksh because this music is our humble offering to SHIVA, which is a name for the Formless Cosmic Consciousness that resides within all of us. 

Om Namah Shivaya!!!